Coupla Hot Chicks Maybe 3

Just shot the next single for my mock girl band “Coupla Hot Chicks Maybe 3″ last night…and as per usual, it promises to offend. This time we take our rhymes out on the holiday season. Let’s be honest, it had it coming… ;) . Video should drop in the next coupla days, so get ready!!!

Hope the holiday season finds you all merry and drunk on spiked egg nog…



First off…Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians! Woot woot!

Anyways, just thought I’d drop a quick note (and kick start this whole blogging process) with a little update as to what the heck I’ve been up to. Just wrapped up a little feature in Nederland, CO called “Fishing Naked”. And no…it’s not fish porn. But I’ll get more into that later… ;)

At the moment I’m in Toronto working on an indie feature called “In Return”. Am super excited about this one. It’s a great story with a lot of heart!

Well that’s all for now, folks! Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Love & light…



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